Here Is The Story Behind A Heartbreaking Pic (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

In April 2015, a heartbreaking photo of a dog curled up in her deceased owner's grave went viral. Now, new photos show the story has a happy ending.

After the photo spread online, it was revealed the dog was not in fact grieving a lost owner, but rather that she was a homeless dog trying to keep her puppies warm, reports Diply. 

The dog dug a hole in a grave in a cemetery in Belgrade, Serbia, notes Reshareworthy. 

The mother and her puppies were found by animal rescuers, who got them out of the cemetery.

The rescuers gave the dogs food and shelter.

Since being found, the dog and her puppies have been given medical care and plenty of love.

The puppies are growing up happy and healthy.

The canine family is being taken care of and hopes to find a loving home soon.

Thankfully, this heartbreaking story had a happy ending.

Sources: DiplyReshareworthy / Photo credit: Vesna Mihajloski/ Facebook via Diply

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