Video: Skydiver's Parachute Ropes Get Tangled in Mid-Air Collision

| by Michael Allen

An unidentified skydiver's jump turned into a nightmare, which was recently posted on YouTube (video below).

It is unknown where or when the jump took place, but the YouTube user who posted the amazing video was located in Mexico, reports the Daily Mail.

In the video, the skydiver jumps out a plane with his friend, the two men grab hands and fall in formation.

The skydiver checks his altimeter and pulls his parachute cord, but his parachute spins, twisting the ropes of the chute.

His friend, who has opened his parachute, accidentally swoops into the tangled chute.

After seconds of panic, the skydiver finally opens his yellow back-up chute and slowly begins to fall.

Before the terror: The man, wearing a helmet-cam, gestures to his friend and fellow skydiver
Joy: The plane is seen above the men as they begin their descent
Formation: The men hold onto each others arms as they fall
Unravelling: The skydiver tries to pry the ropes apart