U.S. Soldier Accidentally Sucked Out of Plane (Video)

| by Michael Allen

An unidentified United States paratrooper was riding in what appears to be a C-130 Hercules military transport plane when he was suddenly sucked out (video below).

According to,  the plane's jumpmaster was looking for the drop zone when his rip cord got caught on a launching ramp, which opened his reserve parachute.

He was dramatically sucked from the plane, but did land safely about 30 miles from his target.

The video's authenticity was confirmed to by a spokesperson for the Fifth Special Forces Group, a special operations unit within the Army.

The Army rep would not say when the incident happened, but did say it was recently. No word on how the footage got released publicly.

According to, the 5th Special Forces Group is highly-decorated and is based in Kentucky.

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