Pictures: Saudi Prince Alwaleed's $400 Million Custom Plane with Turkish Spa, Concert Hall, Rolls Royce Parking

| by Michael Allen

Saudi prince and billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud has bought a custom-built private jet dubbed the 'Flying Palace,' which will include a Turkish spa, concert hall and a place to park his Rolls Royce.

The modified Airbus 380 has a 10,000 square foot interior making it the world's largest airliner. The plane has been designed to carry 600 passengers a distance of 8,000 miles at speeds up to 647 mph.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud will soon be delivered the Airbus 380, which will be customized by Design Q, a British firm.

The plane will have five luxury suites, which will include king-size beds, entertainment systems and a prayer room with computer-generated prayer mats that always face Mecca.

More accessories will include: dazzling main spiral staircase, elevator, steam room, well-being room with a giant screen on the floor to allowing guests to see what they are flying over and a full size boardroom.

The £300m flying palace
Business class: The plane's boardroom features a table which functions as a giant touchscreen
The white spiral staircase winds around a lift which travels three floors and drops onto the tarmac to act as the prince's private entrance


The opulent jet will boast no fewer than four luxury suites as well as a prayer room with electronic mats that automatically turn to face mecca
The stunning Wellbeing room for guests will feature a giant screen on the floor allowing them to see what they are flying over