Homeless Man Falls Asleep in Dumpster, Scooped Up by Recycling Truck (Video)

| by Michael Allen

An unidentified homeless man fell asleep in a dumpster in San Francisco, and woke up in the back of a Recology recycling truck this morning.

Recology truck driver Mike Jones heard the man yelling when he was lifting cardboard into his vehicle, so he drove to a nearby fire station, notes CBS San Francisco (video below).

San Francisco firefighters rescued the homeless man, who suffered minor shoulder injuries from the truck’s hydraulic system.

The homeless man mumbled to paramedics who took him to a waiting ambulance.

“[Jones] heard this gentleman pounding in the back of the truck,” Robert Reed of Recology told NBC Los Angeles. “He actually talked to the gentleman from the cab of the truck and said, ‘I’m going to drive you to the fire station.'"

“If [Jones] hadn’t heard him, [the homeless man] would have been trapped in that all day long and may have died,” added San Francisco Fire Battalion Chief Smith. “So he is a hero. He saved his life.”

Sources: NBC Los Angeles and CBS San Francisco