Family Claims Southwest Airlines Lost Elderly Mother (Video)

| by Michael Allen

The family of Alice Vaticano claims the 85-year-old mom was recently left by Southwest Airlines in Newark, N.J.

Vaticano had flown from Denver to Newark to see her daughter, but had trouble getting home (video below).

Vaticano's daughter drove her to the Newark Airport where a skycap was supposed to push her via wheelchair to the gate where her Denver flight was to depart.

“She pushed me there and left me,” Vaticano told CBS Denver. “I was just sitting all day in a wheelchair.”

Vaticano's daughter in Denver, Donna, was alarmed when her mom didn't get off her flight at the Denver International Airport.

Vaticano told CBS Denver that she feared sitting in "Newark forever" and didn't know where she was.

According to the New York Daily News, Vaticano describes herself as diabetic and somewhat forgetful.

“Where was she?” Donna told CBS Denver. “What happened to her? These are people’s jobs. Who is supposed to be paying attention? I want answers. What the heck happened?"

Southwest Airlines figured out the mistake and did get Vaticano on a flight from Newark to Chicago to Denver.

Vaticano was given two $100 vouchers for future trips by Southwest Airlines, which she "never" plans to use.

Southwest Airlines noted that the skycaps do not work for their company and added, "A processing error in that check-in process did not alert our employees at the gate to her special need (wheelchair) in boarding the aircraft."

Sources: New York Daily News, CBS Denver