Train Crashes Into Tractor Trailer, Couple Films Accident, Drives Away

| by Michael Allen

A tractor trailer that was stalled on some tracks was hit by a train on Sunday afternoon in Mer Rouge, La.

The incident was caught on video (below) by a couple approaching the train tracks in their vehicle, reports

Two Union Pacific train engineers were injured in the accident. One engineer was taken to a local hospital, while the other was airlifted to a medical center in Shreveport, La.

"Both were conscious, but both were in serious condition," Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs told

"The [tractor trailer] driver jumped out of the truck and took off running," Mer Rouge Police Chief Mitch Stephens said. "That was all he could do."

Local district attorney Jerry Jones stated, "All of the first responders were on the scene almost immediately and doing their job, which is protecting the town and the people."

However, two people who did not attempt to render aid were the couple who filmed the accident. They were widely criticized on YouTube for simply driving away.

In response, the couple wrote on their YouTube page:

We are getting a lot of comments about how we should have called 911 instead of filming. There was no need as we were sitting right in front of the police station. Believe me, they heard the crash and came running out. By the time we were able to go around the train and get to the other side, the police were over there and the driver of the truck was there as well.

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