Merritt Levitan, 18, Bicycling Cross-Country for Charity, Killed by Car

| by Michael Allen

Merritt Levitan was traveling with several other cyclists from Charleston, South Carolina, to Santa Monica, California on a cross-country trip for charity.

However, Levitan and six other cyclists were hit by a car on Tuesday afternoon near McCrory, Arkansas.

Levitan, 18, was critically injured and died at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday, noted the Daily Mail.

The 21-year-old driver, who hit the cyclists on Arkansas State Highway 17, has not been identified.

Prosecutors may still file charges against the driver, but prosecutor John Bell said there wasn't any alcohol in the driver's bloodstream.

The six-week trip for the 13 cyclists was organized by a company called Overland in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

"Liz and I, and the entire Overland community, are heartsick by this tragic loss," Overland founder and director Tom Costley and his wife, Liz, said in a statement. "We extend our deepest condolences to Merritt's family, friends and loved ones."

"At this point, we believe [canceling the trip] is what needs to be done to allow all involved time to process their thoughts and emotions while surrounded by loved ones," said Costley. "We are working with families to make arrangements for students to return home."

Source: Daily Mail