12-Year-Old Boy Accused of Stealing School Bus for Second Time (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Police in Parker, Fla., claim that 12-year-old Michael Propst has stolen a second school bus in less than a month.

"They had a bus stopped with a juvenile driver," Parker Police Chief Charles Sweatt told WMBB (video below). "Our initial reaction was, 'Oh no, not again.'"

"He's not unruly or resists arrest or anything of that nature from what I understand," added Chief Sweatt. "He's just into stealing vehicles."

In June, Propst was accused of stealing a school bus for a 15-mile joyride that ended in Panama City Beach, Fla. 

According to police, Propst appeared in court this week for that incident, but then allegedly stole his aunt's car less than 24 hours later.

Propst drove his aunt's car to a local school where he allegedly stole the second school bus, which he drove for 55 miles, reports KRMG.

"When we were advised that it was the same juvenile driving the bus that had been responsible for the last bus theft from Parker we said, 'No way,'" stated Chief Sweatt.

Chief Sweatt added that Propst would've had to have driven past traffic officers during his second joy ride on Wednesday morning, but the cops didn't notice the boy driving.

Propst, who is being held in a juvenile facility, faces charges for trespassing on school property and two-counts of grand theft auto, as well as more charges from the Springfield, Fla. Police Department.

Additionally, Propst's aunt Kerry Shoute plans to press charges against her nephew for vehicle theft, noted the News Herald.

Sources: WMBB, KRMG, News Herald

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