Three Parents Charged with Neglect After Children Live in House of Filth

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Three people were arrested for neglecting to take care of five children, as the children were living in a home filled with trash.

The children were between the ages of one and 15. Two were found in a basement of the home which did not have any visible walkways due to the garbage.

Another police officer found a 7 and 9 year old in a different room, also filled with trash.

One teen, bound to a wheelchair, was trapped in the house as there was no way of getting through the waste.

The home is in Clarksville, Tennessee. Officers said it smelled of urine and had garbage piled everywhere, as well as unwashed dishes in the kitchen.

A neighbor alerted the police of the situation when they saw trash piled against the windows.

The five children are now in the care of Department of Children’s Services and health officials have condemned the property.

There were three adults living in the house, all were charged with child neglect.

Tricia Guerra, 31, and William and Donna Suttles, 38 and 56, were arrested.

Four of the youngest children belong to Guerra, while the Suttles are the parents of the wheelchair-bound teen.

They are currently being held in the Montgomery County jail. Bond for the Suttles is at $10,000, while Guerra is being held on $50,000 bond.