Three Men Escape Missouri Prison by Breaking Through Ceiling

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Three men being held in a Missouri jail escaped last night after they collaborated and broke through the ceiling.

Rodney Joe Green, Matthew Brandon Cook, and Kade Reaves Stringfellow escaped the Butler County Justice Center at 11:30 p.m. last night. All were facing serious criminal charges.

Cook faced first degree murder charges, Stringfellow faced second degree murder charges, and Green faced multiple charges relating to a home invasion. They were awaiting trial.

The three men were held in the same area when they escaped.

They broke through the drywall of the ceiling and climbed through the duct work to break out.

Mark Dobbs, Butler County Sheriff, said the design of the building is seriously flawed.

“Myself and the previous two sheriffs have fought the design and construction flaws in this jail. It’s frustrating beyond words...we have drywall ceilings in a jail. That’s just unfathomable. The walls don’t go completely up to the ceiling. It just baffles the mind when the jail was being built why there would be these shortcomings,” he said.

Police in several different areas are now looking for the men from Poplar Bluff, Missouri to Little Rock, Arkansas.

They believe the men don’t pose a particular threat to their previous victims, but that people should be cautious of them.

Frank Casteel, 911 director of Butler County, said, “With the severity of their crimes they were being held for, we do believe it’s possible they may have the capability to get their hands on weapons.”

Prison breaks have been making the news lately. Most recently, two men escaped a high rise prison in Chicago, prison guards stopped a prison break in France and a man broke back into jail by posing as a guard after he must have felt guilty for breaking out.