Over $15,000 Raised To Helps Dogs Who Were Attacked By Porcupine (Photos)

| by Emily Smith

Three Canadian dogs are reportedly recovering from being pricked with porcupine spikes, thanks to generous donations from the public for their medical bill.

The dogs Mahalo, Nestah and Soljah were playing on a farm in Craven, Saskatchewan, Canada, when they encountered the porcupine, The Guardian reports. When Mahalo was attacked, several quills pierced her heart and lungs, which required immediate attention from a veterinarian.

Dennis Mazur, the dogs’ owner, was reportedly devastated.

“If [Mahalo] hadn’t been a pit bull with all that muscle she wouldn’t have survived,” Mike Gerrand, Mazur’s friend, said.

Nestah, Mahalo’s brother, was also hurt in the attack. However, he managed to escape without any serious internal injuries.

Soljah suffered minor wounds to the mouth.

Mazur was unable to pay the $8,000 medical bill for the three dogs, but a GoFundMe page that was sent up for him has raised over $15,000 to go towards the dogs' medical costs.

“These dogs are the love of my dear friend Dennis’ life,” Gerrand wrote on the GoFundMe page.  

Thanks to social media, the GoFundMe account has received tons of attention. Now, all three dogs are currently recovering at home. 


(Nestah the dog with porcupine spikes around his muzzle. Photo Credit: Mike Gerrand/GoFundMe)

(Soljah the dog with porcupine quills near the mouth. Photo Credit: Mike Gerrand/GoFundMe)

(Mahalo the dog with porcupine quills in her chest. Photo Credit: Mike Gerrand/GoFundMe)

(Mahalo the dog after surgery. Photo Credit: Mike Gerrand/GoFundMe)

(The three dogs. Photo Credit: Mike Gerrand/GoFundMe)

Sources: Sky News, The Guardian, GoFundMe / Photo Credit: Mike Gerrand/GoFundMe