Thousands Sign Petition Asking The US To Give Alaska Back To Russia

| by Jonathan Wolfe

There’s a peculiar petition climbing up the charts over at the We the People petition site run by the White House. In just three weeks, over 42,000 people have signed a petition calling for the United States to give Alaska back to Russia. 

If you were really paying attention back in your high school American History class, you might recall that the US bought Alaska from Russia in 1867 for just $7.2 million – a steal given the amount of land and natural resources Alaska sits on. 

Now, 147 years later, people want America’s northernmost state returned to its old country. 

The petition must accumulate 100,000 signatures in order to receive an official response from the White House. Given the number of signatures the proposal has received in such a short time, it’s very possible the Obama administration will have to respond to it in some way – most likely by saying something along the lines of “Relax, Alaska isn’t going anywhere.”

But if/when the Obama administration releases a response to the measure, they won’t be the first to do so. None other than Mr. Vladimir Putin already beat them to the punch. 

During the same televised Q&A session that saw Edward Snowden ask Putin a question about mass surveillance, another Russian citizen asked the Kremlin if Russia would be interested in annexing Alaska. 

Putin’s response? 

No thanks – Russia is already cold enough. 

“Faina Ivanovna, dear, why do you need Alaska?” Putin asked. “We have a northern country – 70% of our territory is in the north and far north. Alaska is too cold. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Who needs Alaska?"

Source: We the People