Texas Teacher Amanda Feenstra Had Yearlong Relationship With A Female Student

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Texas high school dance teacher Amanda Feenstra had sex with a female student whenever her husband was out of town.

Feenstra, 31, is accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old. Police say that the two had sex at Feenstra’s Houston home, in her office at Humble High School and at sports events.

Feenstra ran the Wild Cadets dance team. She was detained by police after the girl told officers they'd "had sex so many times she cannot remember." Their relationship lasted for a year, reports The Daily News. The girl said she would sleep in the guest room at Feenstra's house when her husband was away.

The girl reported the affair after she graduated. The reason she wanted to come clean was because Feenstra had started stalking her at her new workplace. The young lady said that she felt "embarrassed and trapped" and had "lost all her friends."

Feenstra is out on a $30,000 bond. She faces charges of an improper relationship with a student, a second-degree felony. After a court appearance on Thursday, Feenstra was banned from having any contact with her victim and any minor under the age of 17. She was also banned from accessing the Internet

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Source: (The Daily News)