Texas Officer Shoots Dog When Investigating Burglary, Leaves Dog Wounded and Suffering

| by Lina Batarags

When an east Texas man returned home on Friday and found that his house had been robbed, he called an officer over to investigate. After a deputy arrived on the scene about two and a half hours later and was greeted by the man’s barking dog, he reportedly proceeded to shoot the dog in the ear.

Cole Middleton admitted that his three-year-old dog, Candy, was probably barking upon the deputy’s arrival.

“She’s barking when he pulls into the driveway letting me know someone’s at our house, an intruder is here, or a person who she would think was an intruder that she’s unfamiliar with. She’s barking,” Middleton explained of his dog’s behavior. He had trained Candy to be a cow dog, and added that she had taken to it naturally.

However, Middleton maintains that the dog had never bitten anyone.

“I shot your dog, sorry,” Middleton recalled Deputy Jerred Dooley saying to him after he shot Candy.

Although Dooley shot the dog behind the ear, she did not die.

“I was so upset,” Middleton said. “I went over there to her and she was alive and I begged and pleaded with [Dooley] to please shoot her again because I don’t have any firearms.”

The deputy, however, refused to oblige Middleton’s heartbroken request; instead, Middleton explains, Dooley got into his car and drove away.

The dog ultimately died.

Texas Rangers are now investigating the case. In addition to Middleton’s firearms, amongst the other items stolen from Middleton’s Rains County home were his an iPad and his wife’s jewelry.


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