Tennessee Woman Crystal Frantzen Accused of Trading Oral Sex for a 'Better Deal' on a Cadillac

| by Denise A Justin

Crystal Frantzen, 28, of Blountville, Tenn., had no problem explaining to Sullivan County Sheriff’s deputies why she was performing oral sex on Gary Lynn Tipton, 58, in his car. She was just trying to “get a better deal” on the purchase of the vehicle--a 1990’s Cadillac.

Around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 21, Sullivan County Sheriffs report they started receiving calls about indecent exposure in a car at a gas station in Blountville. Callers described the vehicle as a gray Cadillac, according to the Smoking Gun.

It didn’t take deputies long to pull over the older-model Cadillac driving down Highway 394 near Franklin Drive. When they questioned the occupants, Crystal Frantzen admitted to performing oral sex on Tipton, who was supposedly selling the used car, but said she was just bargaining over the price of the vehicle.

Apparently deputies didn’t buy her story that pleasuring the seller for a discount was an acceptable approach to a legitimate business transaction. They arrested Frantzen for prostitution.

Tipton, who reportedly lives in Kinsport, admitted to receiving oral sex in the car from the young woman, police said. He was arrested on charges of solicitation of prostitution. Tipton was also in possession of six Valiums for which he did not have a prescription, tacking on an additional charge of possession of schedule III drugs, reports Times News.

A sheriff’s spokesperson said there was no indication that Tipton was affiliated with any authorized Cadillac dealership and neither he nor Frantzen came up with an asking price or the discount he was offering for Crystal Frantzen’s sexual favor.

Tipton was released from Sullivan County Correctional Facility on Thursday morning after posting $2000 bond, and Frantzen was arraigned and released later after posting $1000 bond, according to the Smoking Gun.

Sources: Smoking Gun, Times News