Teens Use CPR To Save Stranger's Life, Hailed Heroes

| by Dominic Kelly

Two Washington state teens are being hailed as heroes after using CPR to save the life of a complete stranger.

Hailey Enick and Jasmine Daniels, both high school freshmen, had pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot in Tulalip, Washington, with Enick’s mother because the woman wanted them to get a picture of a lunar eclipse. When they pulled in, however, they came across a man completely unconscious and not breathing in the parking lot. Immediately, the two heroic teenagers sprung into action.

"(The man) wasn't moving at all," Daniels said, according to KOMO News. "His friend was slapping him and putting water on him. Everyone was yelling, 'call 911!' His eyes were, like, in the back of his head and he wasn't breathing."

The freshmen had recently learned how to perform CPR in their health class, so as soon as they realized they had to jump in, they worked together to save the man’s life.

"Turns out we had just done Everett High School three weeks ago," Everett Fire Department EMS Chief Tim Key said. "They had gotten the training then, so it was very fortuitous timing.”

"I was nervous. 'Is it going to work? Is it not going to work?" Enick said. "I never thought I'd actually have to use [what we learned.]"

Once further help arrived, the man eventually woke up. EMT workers say that the man wouldn’t have survived if the two teens hadn’t jumped into action when they did.

“[It] just kind of amazes me that two teenage kids are the ones who stepped up, compared to the all the adults around,” said Jasmine's mother, Holly Daniels.

The teens are set to be honored by a local hockey club this coming week.

Sources: KOMO News, ABC News / Photo Source: KOMO News