Teen's Blackface Nicki Minaj Costume Slammed On Twitter

| by Daniel Rivera

A Florida teenager was criticized by social media users for donning blackface for her Nicki Minaj Halloween costume.

The teenager, whose identity is only known by her Twitter handle @Emmajohns129, faced backlash for photos she posted on Twitter of her wearing blackface along with a white wig, a one-piece leopard-print dress and a padded backside to look like the female rapper for her homecoming event, reports the Daily Mail.

Twitter users who saw the teen's posts threatened to report her to her high school and her possible future college, University of Florida.

Bad call: Twitter user @Emmajohns129 took to Twitter to share this photo of herself donning black face as part of her Nicki Minaj costume, while her friend dressed as Drake

One person responded to the picture saying: "@UF ur potential student @emmajohns129 has been posting some racist content& is a bad reflection on yall."

Another Twitter user wrote: "She's trying to apply to UF. I know the admissions people up there. I'll send this in today."

Emma issued an apology and set her Twitter account to "private" before deleting it.

Striking a pose: Emma shared multiple pictures of her costume, and she appears to be the only one at the event in blackface 

"I sincerely apologize for my actions. I did not mean to offend anyone with my homecoming costume," she wrote. 

The Huffington Post also reports Heath Morrow, an Alabama elementary school teacher, wore blackface in a picture of a Kayne West costume his wife posted on Facebook. School officials decided not to punish Morrow for the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Twitter