Teen Tells Her Friend He Can Take Her Mom To The Prom If He Gets 500,000 Re-Tweets

| by Lisa Fogarty

After a teenager from Virginia reportedly asked his friend if he could take her attractive mom to the prom, the young girl challenged him to receive 500,000 re-tweets on Twitter first.

Anthony Pinnisi got the idea to ask his friend Chloe’s mother to the senior event after she tweeted a vacation photo of the two in which mom is clad in a bikini, reports the Daily Mail. Anthony reportedly joked that he wanted to ask her out on a date, and Chloe’s response was that he should prove his love to her first  -- on Twitter.

At first, Chloe challenged Anthony to see if he could amass 1 million re-tweets, then changed her number to 500,000.  

But not everyone agreed that Anthony’s tweet was appropriate. Several Twitter users called him out for being a “pervert” and his school reportedly forced him to take down the tweet after he had accumulated 80,000 re-tweets.

Clearly disappointed, the teen tweeted, “Why am I being labled as perverted and horny like nothing about that tweet was perverted or horny I have respect for her mom”

Despite what some may think, Chloe wasn’t actually in favor of Anthony taking her mom to the prom – nor did her mom agree to do so.

Chloe’s tweet shows she isn’t exactly a fan of anyone who jumped onboard her friend’s campaign: “if you RT’d Anthony’s tweet I don’t like you”

Chloe’s mom has not commented on her sudden social media fame. 

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit: Twitter