13-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Six Flags Ride Because Of Disability

| by Dominic Kelly

A 13-year-old girl was allegedly kicked off a ride at an amusement park because of her disability, and now, she and her mother say they are fighting for basic rights.

Zoe Smith says that she was visiting a Six Flags Great Escape amusement park in Queensbury, New York, recently when she was kicked off a ride at the water park due to the fact that she’s missing most of her left arm. Smith was born with the disability and says she was embarrassed when the staff wouldn’t allow her on the ride.

Employees only let Smith get on one of the rides after she demonstrated to them that she was capable of riding, and also because she had a friend with her.

Since the incident, Six Flags has released a statement saying that they are constantly thinking about the safety of their guests.

“To ensure their safety and well-being, guests with certain disabilities are prohibited from some rides and attractions,” said Six Flags Great Escape in their statement. “Our disability policies include ride manufacturers' guidelines and the requirements of the federal American with Disabilities Act.

"Our policies are customized by ride and reviewed annually to continue to accommodate the needs of our guests while simultaneously maintaining a safe environment. Specific water park policies include maintaining a safe riding position at all times. 

The safety of our guests is our top priority and we apologize to Zoe for any embarrassment or inconvenience she experienced. “

Sources: News 10, Fox 23 News