Teacher Teaches Students A Lesson With Viral Internet Note (Photo)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A teacher’s experiment designed to teach her students a lesson about inappropriate Internet posts has turned out to be a huge success.

Melissa Bour, a science and math teacher at Emerson Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was troubled one day after seeing the pictures her young students were posting online. On Facebook, for all the world to see, were pictures of her students doing all kinds of risqué things for the camera – often times wearing nothing more than a bra or underwear.

To teach them how quickly pictures can spread on the web, she wrote the following note and posted it online:

A lesson learned: Sixth-grade teacher, Melissa Bour, decided to teach her students a lesson about the dangers of posting risque photos online by writing this letter (pictured) and posting an image of it online

The lesson Bour wanted to get across is clear: Regardless of your privacy settings, things you share on social networks can reach complete strangers in no time.

“My generation was the one that kind of made Facebook big, and we have a tendency to overshare,” Bour told FOX23. “These students are just falling into that. You have to remind them that just because everyone else is sharing doesn’t mean you have to.”

Bour’s note, which was initially posted to her Facebook, has spread all over the web. Even a number of national media outlets picked up the story. Her lesson, which was supported by her student’s parents, seems to have made an impact on her students.

“Say I want to be the President,” one of her students said. “[Posting inappropriate photos] might affect me becoming President.”

Source: FOX23, MailOnline