Syrian Baby Saved After Bomb Explosion Traps Him Underneath Rubble For 16 Hours (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

After a bomb went off near a building in the city of Aleppo, Syria, rescuers were miraculously able to save a woman and her two-month-old baby who were trapped underneath the rubble for 16 hours. Now, footage of the baby’s rescue has gone viral.

Mahmud Ibildi was heard crying from underneath the collapsed building after the bomb explosion, and quickly, rescuers worked to save his life. The video shows a man digging through the rubble and finally reaching the trapped baby.

The top of Mahmud’s head is visible as the man tries to remove debris from around him, and during the entire rescue, the baby is crying uncontrollably. Amazingly, after some time spent digging the rubble from around the baby, the man is able to pull him out safely as rescuers and witnesses yell, “It’s a miracle!” and “God is great!”

Now, Mahmud Ibildi appears to be in good health thanks to pictures released following his rescue, and the video has spread across the Internet.

Sources: Daily Mail, 7 Days In Dubai, Buzger