Swedish Man Has 63 First Names, Starting With "Kim-Jong Sexy Glorious Beast"

| by Amanda Schallert

A 25-year-old man in Sweden recently changed his name to what some people think may be the longest title in the world, with 63 first names included in it.

Previously named Alexander Ek, the young man is now Kim-Jong Sexy Glorious Beast Divine Dick Father Lovely Iron Man Even Unique Poh Un Winn Charlie Ghora Khaos Mehan Hansa Kimmy Humbero Uno Master Over Dance Shake Bouti Bepop Rocksteady Shredder Kung Ulf Road House Gilgamesh Flap Guy Theo Arse Hole Im Yoda Funky Boy Slam Duck Chuck Jorma Jukka Pekka Ryan Super Air Ooy Rusell Salvador Alfons Molgan Akta Papa Long Nameh Ek, according to Newser.

"I don't always get my mail and sometimes the electricity bill is late, but that's part of the charm (of my name)," Eh said.

As a nickname, Ek goes by “Papeh Long Nameh.”

Changing his name multiple times has cost Ek about $1,000 overall, since each change costs about $200. Sweden allows its citizens to change their names once for free, but charges a specific amount for each time afterwards.

Previously, Ek has changed his name to Osama bin Alexander and Alexander Gargamel Powhatan Genghis, among others.

He has even altered his name to “Klaus-Heidi Bratwurst” in the hopes of winning a rent-free year in Berlin. The contest was put on by German airline Lufthansa.

Source: Newser