Woman Found Dead Alone In Her Home One Year Later

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Sunantha K. Simmons was found dead alone in her home on Christmas Day. Simmons, a widow, was apparently dead for quite some time when her body was discovered.

Simmons’ family traveled from Japan to visit her in her Makanda, Illinois, home. Upon arriving, Simmons’ stepdaughter found her body in the garage. Jackson County Coroner Dr. Thomas Kupferer told WBTV no one had been in contact with Simmons for more than a year. Based on an examination of the scene, Kupferer believes there was no foul play involved. 

Neighbors said that since the death of Simmons’ husband,  ambulances were frequently seen at her home. They also said Simmons was originally from Thailand and taught English as a second language at a university in Thailand. She lived alone at the time of her death.

"She was a neighbor that I admired and I felt connected to her life," neighbor Dianna Kington told WBTV. "I felt for her loss and wish I could have helped her more.”

On the G Meredith Funeral Home website, which posted information regarding services for Simmons’ burial, many people expressed their condolences and outrage over Simmons’ lonely passing.

Terri Sauson wrote “Sunantha I'm sorry your family never checked on you. I wish to God I would have known you. I would have checked on you a lot to have [made sure] you were okay…. See this is what wrong with family [when] no one cares…”  They continued “I’ll be at your service ma’am. I'm sorry for [their] loss.”

Sources: WBTV, G Meredith Funeral Home Image via Alyssa L. Miller/Flickr