Steubenville Rape: Ma'lik Richmond Says Photo with Victim was Staged

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Though the Steubenville rape case has not begun yet, a new revelation was made public recently by the football players after they claimed a photo they took with the girl they are accused of raping was posed as a joke.

Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, are the two teens accused of raping an unconscious, drunk girl at a party last summer. After the rape, they took her to another party.

Some of the crimes were documented on cell phone videos and pictures, including one showing Richmond and Mays holding her arms and legs. In the photo, she appears to be passed out.

Yet the boys refuse to admit she was unconscious, claiming in a recent interview that she was laughing and coming onto them.

“She was just like laughing, we were all talking, just clowning around and that’s when her ex-boyfriend was like, ‘Let me get a picture of this drunk B. And that’s when we took the picture,” Richmond said.

They also said the girl wanted to have sex with them.

“She had her arm wrapped around me and one hand on my chest. It just felt like she was coming on to me,” Richmond said.

They said the girl told people she wanted to leave with Trent after the party.

The case has received much attention from the media because of the small size of the town and due to the fact that the town focuses on its Big Red High School football team.

People from different cities have accused Steubenville of protecting the players on the team, and demonstrators have protested in the area.

It is also a unique case because much of the crimes were recorded and posted on social media sites. Many people at the party posted messages on Twitter about the girl and her relationship with a football player, claiming she was seeking retribution.

One person at the party filmed a highly controversial video, featuring a high school athlete joking about the drunk girl being assaulted nearby as he was laughing.