State Troopers Caught Letting Off-Duty Officers Blow Through Speed Trap (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

“Sorry officer, I’m running really late for a meeting.”

If you’ve ever been pulled over for speeding, there’s a good chance that line sounds familiar to you. You’re also probably aware that these kinds of excuses never work with cops. Have you ever heard of a story where someone feeds an officer this type of line and the cop replies, “Oh, well in that case, move right along”? Of course you haven’t.

That excuse is perfect, though, if you happen to be a police officer yourself.

A YouTube video posted earlier this month reveals two Washington State Patrol officers giving numerous fellow cops a break because the officers were heading to a police conference. The video features one officer on aircraft patrol and another on the ground. The aircraft patrol officer says numerous times that vehicles are whizzing down the highway at over 80 mph. He even reports one motorcycle weaving dangerously through lanes. Every report is waived off by the ground officer, who says the speeding vehicles are police officers heading to a conference.

Here’s the video:

If it’s any comfort, a Washington State Police spokesperson says most non-police drivers who sped through the trap on that day were only handing warnings. All tickets issued in the speed trap that day have been nullified. Calkins told the San Francisco Gate the decision to waive the citations was made out of “simple fairness.”

“There weren’t many [tickets] written on [October 8] because the troopers were fundamentally uncomfortable with what was going on anyway,” spokesperson Bob Calkins says. “They saw the inequity. They were still stopping people, but they gave them warnings.”

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