Spanish Dentist Pulls Out Woman's Teeth After She Argues Over Bill

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A dentist was so angered over one of his patients confronting him about her bill that he removed the teeth he had implanted in her mouth.

The Spanish dentist was arrested after the patient accused him of pulling out her teeth following an argument over the bill.

Named only as “FJGS,” the 39-year-old said the dentist pulled out a few replacement teeth he had implanted in her mouth prior to the incident.

He was arrested on suspicion of causing “serious injury” in February.

Apparently, the patient was treated by the dentist for several months when she asked him how much she was paying him.

She did not understand why her bill came out to thousands of Euros. She asked him about it and things soon turned ugly and they began arguing.

According to the police report, he sat her down on the clinic chair and pulled out teeth he had implanted.

After being forced to sit through the ordeal, the woman left and went to a police station nearby to report it.

As blood spewed from her mouth, she told police what happened.

The dentist is set to appear in court later this month.

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