Son Missing Since 1995 Grateful Dead Concert Reported By Mother 20 Years Later

| by Emily Smith

South Carolina woman Margaretta Evans filed a missing person report recently, some 20 years after her son left to follow the Grateful Dead.

The 63-year-old woman reported that she hadn’t seen or heard from her son since June of 1995. Jason Patrick Callahan would now be 38 with wavy brown hair and brown eyes, according to Evans. His mother guessed that he would stand at about 5’10” to 6’00" and weigh about 160 pounds.

Although Evans reported that her son had left to follow the band, she didn’t explain why she waited 20 years to search for her son.

A number of Grateful Dead fans have gone missing over the years. Police believe that if they find Callahan, it’s possible that other cases associated with the band can be resolved. In 1995, for example, one man was found dead following a car accident with Grateful Dead ticket stubs in his pocket. He has since been dubbed the “Grateful Doe," and a note addressed to "Jason" was also found on his person. The man’s face was so badly injured that police never released photos of him, and his fingerprints were never matched with any in law enforcement databases.

The ticket stubs were for a Grateful Dead concert held in Washington D.C. on June 24 and 25 in 1995. The concert was of great note to fans since it was one of lead singer Jerry Garcia’s last performances before he died from a heart attack just two months later.

Investigators have noted the unidentified man’s ironic identity as a “Deadhead," which is a name fans of Grateful Dead attribute to themselves.

According to Mrytle Beach Police Lt. Joey Crosby, samples of DNA have been collected and sent for evaluation to determine if Callahan is the unidentified fan who met an unfortunate death. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News / Photo Credit: Facebook