South Carolina Woman Posts Viral Picture Of Raw Chicken Fingers From Arby's (Photo)

| by Zara Zhi

A woman says an Arby's restaurant in Boiling Springs, South Carolina, served her raw chicken.

Miranda Wilson posted the following statement on her Facebook page on Dec. 27:

"Parents: I am writing this while shaking because I am beyond infuriated! This chicken was purchased at Arby's in boiling springs! Right in front of Walmart! I did tonight, what most parents have done at least a few times, I fed my baby while driving! I handed my 16 month old a chicken strip and hurried home! When I got in the door and got everyone settled I got the rest of the food from the bag to finish feeding my kids when I realized the chicken strip I fed MY BABY WAS RAW! This chicken couldn't have been placed in a fryer at all! My blood is boiling! MY BABY ATE ALMOST AN ENTIRE CHICKEN STRIP, A RAW CHICKEN STRIP! I have went back to Arby's where I was told they couldn't get In touch with a district manager!!!!!!!! Parents from now on please examine your child's food! I have learned my lesson the hard way! I feel like I failed my child."

By Dec. 30, the post has had over 10,000 shares and more than 40 comments.

Brittaney Nicole Simmons wrote:

“I've had a similar experience happen with this same Arby's....a few months back we ordered food for me, my husband, and my girls, we pulled over in the parking lot to eat, while the fries were cold I was eating a chicken sandwich and ate about 3 bites until I bit into a piece of what I thought was rubbery bacon, so I took off the top to look and they had wax paper like a piece of cheese on my sandwich! My husband immediately went in and flipped out, they did refund our money back for the entire order but we haven't ate there since.....and never will again! I would call and report this big time!”

Thea Moon writes: “Girl I'd save those pictures and get in touch with the district manager or [corporate] myself.”

Wilson said she would discuss the incident in more detail once her child fully recovers. On Dec. 28, Wilson wrote an update about her daughter:

“Update on little Ellasyn: she has had loose stools once last night and once this morning! I am continuing to monitor her and have spoken to her dr. If she does get any sicker we will take her in and they can run tests to know what antibiotics to start her on! Please continue to pray for her! I appreciate all of your kind words! Means more than you know!”

WHNS contacted Arby's and the fast food chain said the following: “We are aware of this incident and take these matters very seriously. Food safety and quality is our top priority and we’re working with the Guest now to resolve this matter. Thank you for your concern.”

South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control said on Dec. 30 it was informed of the of the grievance and was inspecting the case. 

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