Soccer Star Bruno Fernandes de Souza Admits He Knew Ex-Lover Was Murdered And Fed to Dogs

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Brazilian soccer star Bruno Fernandes de Souza is on trial for the murder and dismemberment his former lover, model Eliza Samudio. At his trial on Wednesday he admitted for the first time that he knew about her death.

Souza, 28, denied putting a hit out on her, but testified that his best friend paid someone to kill Samudio. The soccer player said he "was not the one who ordered" the slaying. He did however admit to feeling "guilty" about her death, reports the NY Daily News. Samudio disappeared in 2010 shortly after she claimed that Souza had fathered her baby. Prosecutors think that he ordered her murder in order to avoid paying child support. Souza had previously claimed that he had no idea what happened to Samudio.

The 25-year-old model was reportedly lured to a Rio de Janiero hotel under the guise that she was going to take a DNA test. She was kidnapped and taken to the athlete’s vacation home in the city of Belo Horizonte. It is thought that she was then strangled and dismembered by friends of Souza. Police think that the ringleader of the incident was Marcos Santos. They allege that Santos, a former police officer, tortured Samudio while playing loud music to drown out her screams before eventually strangling her.

Her body parts were fed to a group of Rottweilers. It is believed other parts of her were buried under concrete. Her body has not been found. Police did find her four-month-old baby in a slum. The woman’s mother is taking care of the child.

Souza was one of the mostly highly regarded soccer players in Brazil a few years ago. He helped his club win the national championship in 2009. He faces more than 40 years if convicted.

Source: (NY Daily News)