Sixth Grader Shows Up to School with $20k in Backpack, Passes it Out to Friends

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One 12-year-old girl came to school with a backpack full of money and started handing it out to her friends.

The student attended Sixth Grade Academy in New York with 600 other students on the 13500 block of Pine Street. She had $20,000 in her backpack and began passing it out to other students.

Taylor police said the “12-year-old apparently got the money from another child who lives across the street from her the night before.”

The neighbors already claimed the money, and police gathered up the money that the student passed out. She handed out $100 bills, and some of her peers received as much as $500 a piece.

Authorities are not naming the girl, her family, or the neighbors and are still investigating the matter. Chief of Police Mary Sclabassi said they have never encountered an incident like this before.

“The school district called us and said a 12-year-old student had a backpack full of money. The principal became aware of it when she heard the student was giving money away to friends. They brought in the student, secured the backpack and retrieved the money she had given away. This is a real first or me,” she said.

Assistant Superintendent Teresa D. Winnie said the incident is very unique and they are unsure of how to treat it.

“The situation...was truly an unusual one. We do not have a specific protocol for this type of situation,” she said.