Single Mom Having A Bad Day Overcome With Gratitude After Stranger Replaces Her Flat Tire

| by Lisa Fogarty

A single mother from San Francisco who says she was having a bad day got an unexpected and sweet surprise after a total stranger noticed the tire on her car blew out and replaced it for her.

Katie143, which is the name the mom of two kids on Reddit, says she was visiting the Bay Area for a job interview and having the kind of horrible day in which she wondered what else would go wrong. And then, something else did go wrong: the tire on her car popped as she was on her way home from the interview. Katie143 says she wasn't sure what she would do because she didn't have the money to replace it -- and then a kind stranger came to her rescue, reports CBS San Francisco.

She posted a thank-you note on Reddit in the hopes that the person who bought her a new tire would see it:

I'm a single mother with two kids and I just recently moved to Cali to pursue a new job opportunity. I was in the Bay Area for a job interview and on the way back home I had a blow out but luckily I was able to pull off the road, I was on the verge of tears because I mean, that's [sic] no way I could afford to fix it. I don't even have food in the fridge much less a spare tire! And I won't be seeing a paycheck for a least three weeks, you also gave me 10 bucks for something to eat and I just wanted you to know I'm truly grateful, god bless you sir. I hope you see this.

The kindness didn't end with this one stranger. A Reddit user reportedly read her note of thanks and offered her $5 to buy groceries. 

Source: CBS San Francisco, Reddit

Photo Credit: Alisha Vargas/Flickr, WikiCommons