Here Is An Easy Trick That Will Improve Your Vision, No Glasses Necessary (Video)

| by Emily Smith

A new video posted on a popular Youtube channel this past Sunday provided viewers with bad vision with a way to see without glasses or contacts.

According to Minute Physics, those with poor vision can see in a pinch simply by creating a pinhole with their fingers and looking through it.

“I am very nearsighted, and I could read the text on my book across the room,” one user commented on Youtube. “Incredible!”

A pinhole can focus light coming from any distance – because a pinhole is so small, the light only goes through in one place, which means there is no blur and everything is in focus. This concept is similar to using small apertures in photography in order to focus on an object.

However, this trick blocks light rather than focusing on light, which means the image seen through a pinhole formed by one’s hand is darker.

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