Sign For 'Ex-Wife Sale' Including Chainsaws, Shovels Is Taken Down

| by Amanda Schallert

A Fargo store owner who put up a sign advertising an “ex-wife sale” for duct tape, chainsaws and shovels has taken it down after getting numerous complaints.  

The North Dakota store, Joe Rents & Contractors Supply, removed the sign after receiving a call from the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead, according to

Christopher Johnson, executive director of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, called the store owner, identified as Curtis Renner, to say that many people found it offensive and that it was not simply a joke.

“When people make light out of domestic violence or when people try to find humor in domestic violence, I think it’s our way as a society to try to overlook the violence and the pain and the injustice,” Johnson said.

He added that some people, like Renner, might tell others to “Lighten up, it’s just a joke.”

“But it’s not just a joke. It’s a pretty strong statement,” Johnson said.

Renner has said that he did not think his sign was “that offensive” and that he received many positive phone calls about it.

Still, he said he took it down because of all the attention it was gathering.

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