See The Terrifying Moment Man Reaches His Hand Into Hole Of Spiders (Video)

| by Emily Smith

A video of hundreds of spiders went viral when one man moved a rock and the arachnids swarmed underneath it as onlookers shrieked (video below).

The video is believed to have been filmed in North America, and begins with children pointing at a hole in a rock.

“They’re not poisonous,” one child says.

One man says he’s going to pull them out and he moves toward the hole. He plunges his head into the crevice, then pulls out a huge cluster of spiders that fall to the floor.

The children nearby scream.

“Look at all them, there’s still way more in there,” the man says.

One child shouts that a spider has crawled onto his leg. As the camera pans back, hundreds of spiders can be seen trying to return to the hole. 

Sources: The Star, The Sun / Photo credit: YouTube