See It: Teacher Mauled By Lion During Demonstration Of Its Friendliness

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A teacher in Peru was mauled in front of her students after entering a lion’s cage to prove it wasn’t aggressive.

The teacher took students to an outing at the Monaco Circus in Cusco, when a lion tamer asked her to help him demonstrate the lion’s calm, passive nature.

Once inside the cage, the lion jumped from a perch onto the woman’s shoulders. She collapsed and the animal dragged her body around the cage, eluding the tamer who tried to grab the teacher.

A video of the incident shows the audience screaming in horror as the tamer chases the big cat around the cage. The lion finally drops the woman and she miraculously stands, holding her hands up to show she isn’t seriously injured.

She is now recovering at a hospital in the district of San Sebastián.

The Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture has banned circuses from using wild, aggressive animals under its animal cruelty laws.

Sources: MetroNew York Daily News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Nitin Badhwar