See It: Georgian Weightlifter Lifts 70 Pounds Using His Eye Sockets (Video)

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A weightlifter in Georgia managed to dead lift more than 70 pounds by placing metal hooks on his cheekbones below his eyelids.

Lachyl Abdul Guseynov appeared at a European weightlifting competition in Georgia on Monday.

Guseynov used chains with ball weights attached to the end and lifted 33kg, which is 72.75 pounds, using just his face.

In 2001, Dr. Satyajit Hota of India set the Guinness World Record by lifting about 6.6 pounds with his eyelids.

A Nigerian teen was stripped of her gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on Friday after she failed a drug test.

Chika Amalaha, 16, won the women’s 53kg competition after she lifted more than 116 pounds. A drug test found prohibited diuretics and masking agents in her body.

“The Commonwealth Games Federation has determined that Nigerian weightlifter, Chika Amalaha, has committed an anti-doping rule violation and has fully suspended her from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow,” the CGF said in a statement. “As a result, Amalaha has been disqualified from her event at the Games, with her result in the competition nullified.”

Amalaha was the first Nigerian gold medal winner at the Commonwealth Games this year.

Sources: The Guardian, Daily Mail

Image screenshot: RuptlyTV