Rutgers Paper ‘The Medium’ Apologizes for Mocking, Insulting Alpha Chi Omega Sorority

| by Alex Groberman

A satirical Rutgers newspaper issued an apology this week after writing a column berating and mocking an individual sorority and its members.

Just days after publishing a moderately crude article in which the writer disparaged the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, The Medium wrote this on its Facebook page: “Since our paper is satirical in nature and no stranger to controversy, it is rare that we apologize for our content

“However, it is the feeling of this editorial board that the article in question merits an apology. It was written in a cruel, debasing manner that does not reflect the values or goals of our organization.”

This was the original column:

What do you think: was the apology warranted? Should satirical publications ever have to apologize for the things they say or write?