Russian Father Lets Toddler Smoke Cigarette (Video)

| by Emily Smith

A disturbing video of a father allowing his young son to smoke a cigarette emerged on LiveLeak Wednesday, much to the disgust of the Internet.

In the two minute video, the topless father encourages his son to take a drag from his own cigarette multiple times. The woman filming the event, who some suspect is the boy’s mother, can be heard laughing off screen.

The toddler makes grabbing motions at his father’s cigarette in the footage. When his father playfully refuses him the cigarette, the young boy starts to throw a tantrum.

Eventually, the father takes a new cigarette from the pack and lights it for his son. When the toddler puts the lit end into his mouth, his father immediately takes the cigarette away.

Viewers have responded unsurprisingly with commentary on the man’s parenting.

“This is child abuse, no two ways about it,” a LiveLeak user wrote. “This needs to be sent to the appropriate authorities."

Sources: The Malta Independent, DailyMail