Viral Video Of Vending Machine Rodent Spurs Talk Of Poison-Resistant 'Super Rats' (Video)

| by Emily Smith

Subway riders were sickened recently to discover a rodent in a vending machine, in video footage that has recently gone viral.

The incident occurred at Sants metro station – the largest train station in Barcelona, Spain.

The animal managed to gnaw a hole in the pack of Principe, a chocolate-filled biscuit that’s especially popular with children.

“Fresh products,” a man in the video jokes.

The snack machine’s operators as well as the Barcelona transportation authority are investigating into how the rat could have slipped inside.

A company spokesperson for the vending machine notes that the machine has since been emptied, disinfected and restocked.

According to research conducted by Huddersfield University, poison-resistant “super rats” have begun populating British counties and have spread across the country at a shocking rate.

“I think people should be concerned about these resistant rats because of public health concerns,” Dr. Dougie Clarke, who conducted the research, said. “They carry disease and various other bacteria and viruses.”

Clarke noted that there’s a “time bomb of resistance” building over a generation of rats.

Video footage of the incident has accumulated almost 100,000 views.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Mirror