Robbery Suspect Taunts Des Moines Police On Facebook

| by Emily Smith

A man wanted in connection with a Sears robbery has begun taunting Des Moines police on their Facebook page.

The Des Moines police department began using Facebook in their investigations as a crime-solving tool. Last month, they posted a video of thief Andrew Bolden stealing a bag full of items from Sears. Within a day, he was identified and a warrant was submitted for his arrest.

As of yet, police have been unable to find Bolden; however, he has contacted them through Facebook.

“First of all…i didn’t rob anything,” Bolden wrote. “I shoplifted and ran away n security was embarrassed he couldnt stop me so he made up a lie about me beating him up.”

Bolden is the first suspect to have reached out to Des Moines police through Facebook.

Bolden later added in his Facebook post that he's supposedly a martial arts expert and possesses a high IQ.

“Now I strive to be public enemy #1,” Bolden wrote. “Yup, I got nothing to lose but the world to gain.”

Bolden is wanted for 2nd degree robbery and 2nd degree theft for a stolen vehicle.

Sources: WHO TV, The Des Moines Register