Resident Pins Encouraging Note On Police Officer's Windshield (Photo)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

With news cameras around the nation panning across massive anti-police brutality protests, it’s easy to forget that many law enforcement officers wake up every day hoping only to protect the communities they work in. One Cottonwood Heights, Utah, police officer was reminded recently that most people realize that.

The officer, who remains anonymous, came back to his or her car during a shift to find a note pinned under a wiper blade. The note, signed by the "Christensen Family," reads: “Officer, thanks for protecting our community. Don’t let the media get [you] down. You are loved!”

Here’s a picture of the letter:

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The Cottonwood Heights Police Department posted the picture to its Twitter feed with an accompanying caption saying, “This note was left on the windshield of a marked CHPD patrol car. Thank you!”

Source: CHPD Twitter