Renee and Gentry Nickell Punish Teen by Having Her Hold Embarrassing Sign

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One Florida couple is getting criticism for the way they decided to punish their 13-year-old daughter after she started acting out and getting bad grades.

They decided to publicly humiliate her by having her hold a sign by a busy intersection for 90 minutes on Saturday. The sign read:

“I’m a self-entitled teenager w/ no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 ‘D’s’ because I DON’t CARE!”

The couple said they did not know what else to do, as the teen had been rebelling since the death of her uncle in Afghanistan in December of 2011. 

“We just felt like she just kind of gave up,” mother Renee Nickell said.

Other methods of punishment like grounding her did not have an effect, so they thought publicly humiliating her would work, as it is many teenagers’ worst nightmare.

But the teen wasn’t as embarrassed as they thought she would be.

“I was thinking about our daughter,” Renee said. “It was for her to be in the public and recognize what she had done wrong. I asked her, ‘Were you scared? Traumatized?’ She said, ‘No mom, I knew it was coming.’”

As drivers passed by her, everyone had different reactions. Some people stopped to take photos and video of it, promptly spreading the images across social media. Other drivers seemed visibly upset by it.

One driver even called the police, thinking the punishment was wrong.

After the family received criticism by the community for the punishment, they released a statement.

“Walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” the statement said. “We are a family that has been through recent trauma and it took a desperate attempt to show our daughter we are not letting her go, just like our Lord did for us.”

Gentry Nickell, the father, said after it was done, the daughter gave him a hug in front of a police officer and said she was sorry.

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