Popular Breakfast Items Recalled Nationwide (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

If you have any chicken and waffle sandwiches from Save-A-Lot in your freezer, then you might want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Fourth Street Barbecue Inc. Packing Division is recalling all date codes across the nation of the Pick 5 Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches (UPC 051933353664) because of concerns that they might be contaminated with Listeria, the company announced in a May 9 press release, according to The Morning Call.

"No illnesses have been reported to date," reads a recall notice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, notes Food Safety News. "However, Fourth Street Barbecue Inc. Packing Division is initiating the voluntary recall in an abundance of caution to protect public health."

Pinnacle Foods found that the plant where the waffles are made tested positive for traces of Listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can seriously infect and even kill those with lowered immune systems, such as small children, the elderly and those with other health concerns. It can also cause pregnant women to miscarry or have a stillbirth, notes The Morning Call.

Most people who suffer from Listeria experience acute flu-like symptoms and diarrhea for a short time and then make a full recovery.

In addition to the sweet and savory sandwiches, Pinnacle has also recalled frozen waffles, french toast and pancakes from Aunt Jemima and Hungry Man, including microwaveable dinners that include those products, due to the Listeria scare, reports Food Safety News.

"Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them," U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service warned on May 9, according to Food Safety News. "These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase."

Following the recall, Pinnacle announced that it has discontinued 16 frozen foods from Aunt Jemima and Hungry Man, a decision Pinnacle Foods Chief Executive Officer Mark Clouse said "was accelerated by the voluntary recall," but was on the horizon before that. The company's production plant in Jackson, Tennessee, is set to lose an estimated 200 jobs because of the discontinuation of those products.

"The decision to exit these products now was the appropriate action for Pinnacle," explained Clouse. "It is consistent with our plans to enhance the on-going margin of the company and focus our efforts and investments on more profitable growth opportunities longer term."

Anyone who is interested in a refund for the recalled products can call 724-483-2056 during business hours, notes The Morning Call.

Sources: The Morning Call, Food Safety News (2), Pinnacle Foods / Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk/Flickr, Food Safety News

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