Monterey Park, CA to Require Bilingual Business Signs

| by Michael Allen

The Monterey Park, California City Council recently passed a new law requiring local business owners to put up bilingual signs.

Monterey Park's population is 48 percent Chinese, but the new law requires companies to post a sign that uses the “modern Latin alphabet,” which will presumably be English, in addition to Chinese signs.

The law states: “Clear and simple signs are significant to the response times of both the police and fire departments. A distinguishable sign allows officers and firefighters to locate a business from a distance.”

The chief of police and the fire chief support the new regulation, which also cited driver safety.

However, one city council member is regretting his vote.

“After speaking to the community and getting into it a little bit more, I’ve come to the realization that we really don’t any urgency,” Monterey Park City Councilman Hans Liang told told NBC Los Angeles.

Source: NBC Los Angeles