Quadruple Amputee Veteran Gets Much-Needed Help From Airport Mechanic

| by Jonathan Wolfe

U.S. combat veteran and quadruple amputee Taylor Morris received some much-needed help from an unlikely source recently: an airport mechanic.

Morris was at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas when one of his artificial knee joints popped out of place. He needed a metric Allen wrench to put the knee back in place, but, unsurprisingly, no one at the airport seemed to have one handy.

Word of Morris’ problem eventually made its way to Keith Duffner, the head mechanic at the airport. He sifted through his tools and eventually found a standard Allen wrench that he thought may be a close enough fit to fix Moriss's knee. I’ll let Morris’s longtime girlfriend Danielle Kelly tell you what happened next.

“By the luck of all that is holy, one of the standard Allen wrenches worked!!” she wrote on Morris's blog, “It wasn’t perfect but it was about 90 percent better, which allowed for a much smoother travelling day.”

Here’s a picture of Duffner helping Morris out:

Airport mechanic Keith Duffner, left, adjusts Taylor Morris' artificial knee after it became twisted

When asked about his kind gesture, Duffner said it was the least he could do.

“Normally we just fix airplanes and don’t interface with passengers,” Duffner said. “Occasionally we provide tape or glue for an interim repair, or retrieve a lost item that someone has dropped out of reach. What I did wasn’t much, and we all are in his debt to him and his family for sacrificing in service to us.”

Morris, a former Navy bomb technician, lost both of his legs, his left arm, and his lower right arm after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2012. He chronicles his recovery and life journeys on his blog,

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