Truck Driver Refuses To Stop For Protesters In Street

| by Alex Scarr

A man in Durham, North Carolina, refused to stop for protesters blocking the road, instead driving his truck through the crowd.

The man, driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck, was greeted by a group of protesters blocking the road on May 1 as part of a May Day protest in front of the Durham County Jail, reports WTVD. The protesters attempted to block the driver's path along the road, but the driver continued through, without stopping.

Eventually, the truck made its way through the crowd of protesters and continued on its way. Nobody was reported injured.

"There were kids there and people with different motilities that were not able to pick up and move," said Christine Hawn, a safety marshal for the rally. Hawn had originally tried to keep the truck from driving through the protesters.

The protest continued once the driver had left, with those present arguing for workers' rights, rights and protections for immigrants and better conditions for inmates at the local jail. The crowd later made its way to City Hall, where it took control of a city council meeting to read a list of demands.

Durham Mayor Bill Bell was present, and offered to let the protesters use the microphone so they wouldn't have to shout.

"We're definitely opposed to the Muslim ban," said Raul Jimenez, a protester for the Triangle People's Assembly. "We're opposed to immigration raids and separation of families across the country."

A bill is currently working its way through the North Carolina state legislature that would give drivers civil lawsuit immunity if they strike a protester that is blocking the street.

May Day protests were organized around the country, with many remaining peaceful affairs. In Portland, Oregon, 25 people were arrested after the protest turned violent, according to KGW. Charges for those arrested range from assault and arson to criminal mischief and theft. Three minors were arrested for their involvement.

"Last night was another chapter in a story that has become all too familiar in Portland: Protests that begin peacefully but devolve quickly due to the actions of those whose only desire is to damage people and property," said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Portland police said the protest turned into a riot when an anarchist group began throwing Molotov cocktails, fireworks, rocks and other small projectiles. Police warned those with children to immediately leave the march.

May 1, also known as International Workers Day, has generally been a day for protests about workers' rights around the world, according to USA Today. Recently, May Day protests have shifted to include protests about immigration, police brutality and LGBT rights.

Sources: WTVD, KGW, USA Today / Photo credit: Tim Wilson/Flickr

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