3-Year-Old Expelled From Preschool for Cursing

| by Lina Batarags

Arianna Wright, 3, was expelled from the Jubilee Child Development Center’s daycare program for saying “s***” in front of the other children.

Arianna’s mother, Cassandra, said that she doesn’t know where her daughter heard the curse word, and that the young girl doesn’t even know what it means.

“I asked her what word did you say, and she told me ‘an animal,’” Wright said.

“I don’t condone her saying it, but for that to be a faith-based daycare I would think that they would reinforce and let her know that’s not a word to say,” Wright continued.

Jubilee Child Development Center Director Alissa Blankenship maintains that the center has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to saying a curse word. An additional policy states that the center can dismiss a child if it deems that it is no longer in its best interests to have the child present.

Blankenship added that the Arianna “laughed” after saying the curse word, leading her to believe that she might use it again.

“I don’t think this would be an isolated incident either,” Blankenship stated.

“I’m still a little bit upset, but most of all was hurt, I was devastated, really hurt,” said Wright, who wants the daycare to change its policy.

Arianna’s case comes several months after another student was expelled from the same program, also for saying a curse word.


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