Pregnant 'Pokemon Go' Player Victim Of Hit And Run

| by Michael Doherty

A pregnant teen who was playing "Pokemon Go" had to have her baby via an emergency cesarean section after she was allegedly intentionally hit by a driver while playing the popular app.

Kaitlyn Shelton, 18, was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Gladstone, Missouri, on July 15, the Daily Mail reports. The teenager was pregnant, and said that the next thing she knew after the crash, she was in the hospital, fearful she had lost the baby.

"They had to tie me down for a while, because I wouldn't stop freaking out," Kaitlyn said. She added that she had been asking, "What happened to my baby?" repeatedly.

Kaitlyn Shelton was walking down the street playing the app with her friends in Gladstone, Missouri on Friday night when she was intentionally hit by a man in a Dodge Caravan, friends claim

"Pokemon Go" is a popular new mobile game in which players walk in the real world to seek out and capture Pokemon, virtual creatures who are dotted around a real-world map.

Kaitlyn's sister Ashley, who was there when she was hit, said that she believed the hit-and-run was intentional. They had been walking and hunting for Pokemon that night, and Ashley said the group had been walking on sidewalks and front yards, according to WDAF.

On their way home, a man reportedly speeded toward them in his minivan.

After Ashley yelled out in alarm after the minivan nearly hit them, she said, the motorist put his vehicle in reverse to run over Kaitlyn, and knocked her unconscious.

"I remember seeing her get hit and she landed on the ground. That van reversed some more and ran her legs over," said Ashley. "She was faced down, belly down, I honestly did not know if my sister was alive or dead at that point."

Doctors has been forced to perform an emergency C-section and thankfully, they were able to deliver healthy baby boy - Joshua Miles Shelton (pictured) 

Kaitlyn said her boyfriend saved her, pulling her out from underneath the car before the driver sped away. She was rushed to a hospital, where despite of her injuries, she gave birth to a son, Joshua, who is reported to be healthy.

Kaitlyn said that she hopes that the hit-and-run driver is brought to justice. "I want the person to be caught for everyone else. That way, nobody else is hit and left on the side of the road like I was."

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