Police Officers Help Family In Need Have The Christmas They Deserve (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

Police officers in Provo, Utah, went above and beyond the call of duty to help a family in need after discovering that they didn’t have the means to celebrate Christmas.

According to repots, officers at the Provo Police Department responded to a call at a home and immediately noticed that the family didn’t have gifts, decorations, or that there was “any indication it was Christmas time in their home.”

When the two responding officers left the home, they decided that they would give the family the special Christmas they couldn’t give themselves and returned later on in the day with a Christmas tree and monetary donations out of their own pockets.

The officers’ act of kindness wound up inspiring other cops in the Provo Police Department to help the family, and as the department posted on their Facebook page this week, other officers showed up to the home the next day bearing gifts.

“Around Christmas you notice the Christmas tree. At least the Christmas tree,” Officer Bryce Lewis, one of the original responding officers, said. “We knew we had to do more.”

“It almost brought tears to my eyes to watch how excited they were,” Lewis continued. “We have children and it's one of the most exciting days for children. To think if someone had to go without — it hurts to see that kind of stuff, so you just want to do what you can. That’s what Christmas is about.”

Sources: Fox 13 Now, KSL / Photo Source: Provo Police Department Facebook Page